Sale aeroSling ELITE including  and Door Anchor KXGCNWCIL

aeroSling ELITE including and Door Anchor KXGCNWCIL

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Bearing pulley system (Suspended pulley trainer)Aluminium core handlesIntegrated door anchorPrintable training plans for beginners and advanced users

aeroSling ELITE incl. DVD & Door Anchor

All of aerobis' training devices are German engineered products manufactured according to highest technical standards in Germany and Europe, guaranteeing you both high quality and functionality. At aerobis, our top priority is the effective and sustained training result of our customer. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete - join the Functional Movement!

The aeroSling® ELITE is the top of the range model of our sling trainers. It is an expandable training platform designed for exercising the entire body. Hundreds of individual exercises and exercise combinations are possible to train both for strength and muscle coordination. As soon you''ve accustomed yourself to the basics of aeroSling® sling training, you can begin expanding the aeroSling® ELITE with its optional accessories. This way, over the years, you can keep on evolving a demanding training program tailored to your personal top fitness and optimal health.

aeroSling ELITE including DVD and Door Anchor KXGCNWCIL

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